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Monday, November 28, 2005

The summary of Beowulf

Beowulf is the oldest English epic which reflects the ideals of the Anglo-Saxons. It has a universal theme of good versus evil. Beowulf is the protagonist who represents good, and Grendel, Grendel's mother, and the dragon are the antagonists who represent evil. Beowulf is the Anglo- Saxon hero because he is a responsible leader, an ethical warrior, and a role model.

First, Beowulf is a responsible leader who possesses strength, intelligence, and courage. As a leader he has tremendous strength. One example of his strength is his ability to lift the massive sword when he fights Grendel's mother. Another example is his strength to swim into the murky water to find Grendel's mother. Beowulf also possesses outstanding intelligence. Because he has fought many sea monsters. Beowulf has quick perception which he uses to his advantage as he kills Grendel's mother with her sword. He prepares his strategies and uses his skill to surprise his opponent when he battles Grendel. Finally, Beowulf possesses admirable courage as a responsible leader. He makes various journeys to Denmark, to Grendel's mother's hell, and to the dragon's home to defeat these unusual opponents. In addition, Beowulf demonstrates courage as he faces his inevitable death as an old king when he defeats the dragon. Therefore, Beowulf is a responsible leader who is victorious in his battles to defeat evil.

Second, Beowulf is an ethical warrior who shows loyalty, justice, and also has honor. Beowulf's loyalty was towards the Danes. One example is that he was always willing to risk his life to protect the Geats. Another example is that his loyalty was respected and was highly great to the Dane people. Beowulf also had justice. Because of his respect and desire Beowulf was able to restore peace. An example for this is that Beowulf was able to protect the people killing the sea monsters. Another example is that he was always able to defeat evil and restoring peace by killing Grendel and his mother. Beowulf always had honor and fought with it. Beowulf never needed or wanted the advantage so he always fought fairly. An example is when he was up against Grendel and he decided since Grendel had no weapon he would fight him without one. Nevertheless, Beowulf is and ethical warrior because of his bravery and respect for fairness.

Finally, Beowulf is a role model who possesses that he is individual, a warrior, and king. Beowulf develops credential during his journey to kill his opponents. Beowulf spirituality is very strong and praised the higher gods. As a warrior of his time he defeated all the opponents he faced. Always risking his own life in order to save others. As for the king who achieves immortality and protects the Geats from any harm that comes his or their way. Beowulf was honored by the Geats, Danes, and the king.

Beowulf was excellent and achieved all his goals in life. His journey was long and respectful. Beowulf fought and defeated any and every monster that came his way. Danes and Geats honored and respected him by building him a tower in front of Herot. He would always go to Denmark to kill anything there. He would do it all because he is a responsible leader, an ethical warrior, and a role model.


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